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Dealing with Legalized Marijuana in Today’s Workplace

Over the past several years, legalized marijuana has been a hot button topic at any HR webinar, seminar, or conference that I’ve attended.  I’ve heard the statistics and listened to the concerns, and the only things that remain constant through each training is that the laws surrounding legalized marijuana are forever changing.  A head-scratcher that […]

Meet Richard

Meet Richard Y., a Diesel Assembly Technician and Mechanic at PMG. Richard is currently working his fourth project at PMG. Learn more about him in the Q&A session below! Q&A with Richard How long have you been working in manufacturing? I have been working in manufacturing for a little over a year now. What drew […]

Not Our Fathers’ Factories: Manufacturing Truths

It’s no secret that manufacturing has an image problem that is preventing younger generations from not only pursuing, but even considering a career in manufacturing. At times, it can be an uphill battle to get the current generation to see the opportunities available to them. With Father’s Day right around the corner, I thought now […]

The 30-day LinkedIn Challenge

I challenge you to a daily, deliberate use of 10 minutes that should check three boxes for those trying to improve their soft skills: Each year, I receive many requests from instructors and career skills professionals to emphasize the importance of soft skills to their students. Often, I find myself circling back to the same […]

May Employee Spotlight

Meet Vanessa! Vanessa is a Business Development Representative and joined the PMG Team about two months ago. About me I’m originally from California.  I moved to Nashville for a softball scholarship and a chance to play at the D1 level. I absolutely fell in love with the city.  Moved up to Minneapolis for about 2.5 […]

How to Avoid the Job Search Burnout

You have just applied for your 85th job this month. You hit submit and shut the computer with a heavy sigh. You start applying to roles you don’t even want because anything is better than the position you currently have. If I’m describing you, know you are not alone. Almost every person I’ve recruited (AND […]

Meet James

Meet James J., a Manufacturing Technician at PMG. James has worked for PMG for almost one year and recently completed his second PMG project. Learn more about him in the Q&A session below! Q&A with James How long have you been working in manufacturing? Approximately 15 years on and off. What drew you to the trade? […]

What to Avoid on Your Resume

On average, the amount of time hiring managers spend looking at a resume is just a few seconds. You have very limited amount of time to capture the attention and interest of that manager. Resumes are your very first impression, make sure you aren’t making these common resume mistakes! Make your resume reflect the position […]

PMG’s 2019 Q1 in Review

As we hopefully wrap up this Minnesota winter season, PMG has closed out Q1 on a positive note. PMG continued to meet and exceed quarterly performance goals for all departments and has no plans of slowing down. Rather, we continue to put plans in place to continue and sustain our growth, both in the field […]

Employee Spotlight

Meet Samantha! Samantha is a Remote Project Management Administrator and joined the PMG Team about seven months ago. About me I am originally from St. Paul. I spent a couple of years living in Salt Lake City. I have a Bachelor or Science in Gender Studies (the study of people with an emphasis on gender, […]