Top Employee Bench

Below you will find the top employees currently available on our bench or scheduled to wrap up a current project and become available on our bench soon. PMG maintains a bench of highly skilled industrial employees who are ready to deploy and hit the ground running in its clients’ facilities.  Contact PMG today if you have a need for one of the employees included on the Top Employee Bench, or if you’d like to see profiles for employees on our bench with skill sets specific to your company. The top employee bench is updated regularly as our bench employees become available for deployment.

TechnicianTechnician PositionAvailability
Lance M.WelderCurrently Available
Jeff N.AP MechanicCurrently Available
Kevin G.AP MechanicCurrently Available
Mark J.Welder-ComboCurrently Available
Ronald B.WelderCurrently Available
Marvin M.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Joseph R.WelderCurrently Available
Gerald A.AP MechanicCurrently Available
Jon B.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Andy B.Solder TechCurrently Available
Ronnie R.Manufacturing TechCurrently Available
Christopher B.Press OperatorCurrently Available
Ron F.Machine OperatorCurrently Available
Scott B.Tool & Die TechCurrently Available
Brandon M.Machine OperatorCurrently Available
Greg J.AssemblerCurrently Available
Steve C.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Brandon P.Welder-ComboCurrently Available
David S.AP MechanicCurrently Available
Ronald T.Forklift OperatorCurrently Available
Andre C.WelderCurrently Available
Keary R.Tool & Die TechCurrently Availble
Mark F.Tool & Die TechCurrently Available
Robert A.Manufacturing TechCurrently Available
Alfred R.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Michael E.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Dan R.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Frankie C.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Thomas H.Manufacturing TechCurrently Available
Zandra S.Manufacturing TechCurrently Available
Curtis C.Tool & Die TechCurrently Available
John M.CNC. MachinistCurrently Available
Robert A.Manufacturing TechCurrently Available
Howard E.Manufacturing TechCurrently Available
Oscar C.CNC ProgrammerCurrently Available
Art S.Maintence TechCurrently Available
Ivan J.PainterCurrently Available
Rene C.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Bill R.Forklift OperatorCurrently Available
Luis P.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Michael W.Management/ EngineeringCurrently Available
Willis W.Manufacturing TechCurrently Available
Adam S.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Collin R.WelderCurrently Available
Sarah D.Solder TechCurrently Available
Derek W.Robotic WelderCurrently Available
Barbara F.Machine OperatorCurrently Available
James C.AP MechanicCurrently Available
Russell B.AP MechanicCurrently Available
Johnny W.Manufacturing TechCurrently Available
Rex R.Maintenance TechCurrently Available
Nathaniel W.Forklift OperatorCurrently Available
Jeffery G.WelderCurrently Available
Gilbert H.Maintenance TechCurrently Available
Jeff B.Maintenance TechCurrently Available
Erika Y.CMM ProgrammerCurrently Available
Oronde G.AssemblerCurrently Available
Richard G.Tool & Die TechCurrently Available
Bruce W.AssemblerCurrently Available
Don E.Tool & Die TechCurrently Available
Strongbear F.Facilities ManagerCurrently Available
Jon W.AP MechanicCurrently Available
Jerald J.Manufacturing TechCurrently Available
Edward G.Facilities EngineerCurrently Available
Doug L.Facilities EngineerCurrently Available
Gary V.Tool & Die TechCurrently Available
Jason V.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Thaisuh V.CNC MachinistCurrently Available
Moises A.CNC MachinistCurrently Available