A general guide to planning for union contract expiration is below.

Remember, it is never too late to begin planning to ensure the best possible contract outcome for your company.

If your union contract expiration is approaching, contact PMG today about our labor dispute & crisis planning services.  Our planning approach can also be customized based on the timeline you need leading up to your contract expiration. For assistance with your approach to labor dispute planning and creating a labor dispute timeline, please contact PMG.

PMG INC 6-12 - Copy

  • Contact you legal counsel
  • Identify internal contingency planning team members

PMG INC - 4-12 - Copy

  • Identify & choose replacement workforce provider
  • Identify & choose security provider

PMG INC 4-10-  Copy

  • Create business contingency plan

PMG INC 3-6 - Copy

  • Identify potential logistics issues & solutions
  • Set up VMS if using multiple labor vendors

PMG INC 3-4 - Copy

  • Educate management on proper conduct during negotiations
  • Perform worker & security site assessments
  • Train labor vendor on VMS

PMG INC - 1-3 - Copy

  • Recruit & retain replacement workforce
  • Implement pre-expiration communications plan
  • Work toward negotiating a fair contract

PMG INC 1-2 - Copy

  • Determine replacement workforce recruitment levels
  • Work  toward negotiating a fair contract
  • Implement public relations plan

PMG INC 48 - Copy

  • Pre-deploy Phase 1 of replacement workforce

PMG INC. contract-300x54 - Copy

  • Signed Contract OR Contract Extension OR Continue to Work without Contract OR Deploy Replacement Workforce