PMG’s Rapid Response Services

If You Failed to Plan, We Still Can Help

If you don’t have a business contingency plan and an unforeseen workforce challenge presents itself, PMG is here to help. PMG’s team of experts will help you rapidly design a business continuity plan and execute a solution to get your operations back on track.

There are times when a company expects labor contract negotiations to go very smoothly, and as a result, does not prepare in advance with a business contingency plan. In addition to unexpected labor disputes, there are a number of other uncontrollable crises like natural disasters and emergencies that can cause your company’s operations and productivity to come to a halt.

PMG Can Rapidly Deploy Temporary Replacement Workforces to Keep Your Operations Going

If part of your rapid response business contingency plan includes the use of a temporary replacement workforce to keep your business running during a crisis, PMG can help. Our team of Industrial Recruiters is highly skilled at rapidly planning and deploying a skilled workforce to help companies maintain operations while negotiating a fair labor contract or recovering from a natural disaster or emergency.

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