Labor Crisis Planning

PMG’s Management Team has more than 40 years of experience in the consulting and contract labor fields. As a result, PMG’s ability to formulate effective manufacturing solutions for its clients across numerous industries is unsurpassed. Our labor crisis planning solutions include labor dispute planning, business continuity planning, facility openings and closures, rapid response services, disaster response and more.

Labor Dispute Planning

A labor dispute is an emotional, costly and potentially dangerous event for any company. Large or small, all organizations need to be prepared when faced with a potential labor dispute, strike or lockout, to achieve the best possible outcome.

Business Continuity Planning

If your company is faced with a situation like a strike, lockout, disaster weather season, facility opening or facility closure, we can help you develop a business continuity plan to ensure you are prepared to maintain production and keep your operations running smoothly.  PMG’s team of experts has extensive experience working with companies to identify potential threats to their business and creating plans for effective prevention and recovery.

Rapid Response Services

There are times when a company expects labor contract negotiations to go very smoothly, and as a result, does not prepare in advance with a business contingency plan. In addition to unexpected labor disputes, there are a number of other uncontrollable crises like natural disasters and emergencies that can cause your company’s operations and productivity to come to a halt. If the unexpected happens, rapid response services are needed to take action immediately.