Labor disputes are emotional, but being prepared will help you make the rational decisions needed to make the best possible outcome for your operation. PMG helps companies prepare for labor disputes by providing a business continuity plan tailored to meet specific situations, minimize cost, and return operations back to normal as quickly as possible.

Prepare With Business Continuity & Labor Dispute Planning

Just because a business is preparing for a labor dispute, strike or lockout does not necessarily mean they will face one.  The potential for a labor dispute is a reality for many employers. Business owners and management teams must take the right steps to ensure damages are minimal if a labor dispute happens.

By taking the appropriate precautions and planning in advance, a business will suffer less upset during and after a labor dispute.

PMG’s team of business continuity planning experts has over 35 years of experience in helping companies plan for every possibility and approach a potential labor dispute with the confidence needed to achieve the most profitable outcome for their business.

Labor Dispute Options & Strike Workers

The majority of labor disputes occur when labor contracts expire and are up for re-negotiation.

If you are planning for an upcoming contract expiration, you will need to decide whether you will continue operations and fulfill customer demand from a “struck” facility, or discontinue operations and close down your facility during a labor dispute, should one occur.

Companies that choose to maintain operations during a labor dispute typically will incorporate a strike labor company experienced in providing replacement workers for strikes, labor disputes and lockouts into their business continuity plan because the benefits of using national replacement workers from a strike labor company far outweigh the cost when compared to other replacement workforce scenarios.

Temporary Workforce Services

In addition to helping companies plan for a labor dispute, PMG is a leader in the strike labor and replacement workforce industry.  Click below to learn more about PMG’s temporary replacement workforce services.