Union Worker Replacement Process

PMG’s approach to planning, recruiting, and managing a temporary replacement workforce enables you to move toward labor negotiations with the confidence of knowing production will move forward.

Begin planning now to ensure the best possible contract outcome when your need for union replacement workers arises.

If your union contract expiration is approaching, contact PMG today about our labor dispute planning and skilled workforce services.

Phase One

Advanced Planning:

  1. Assessment & Analysis
  2. Contingency Planning
  3. Communication Planning
  4. Logistics

Recruiting & Pre-Deployment:

  1. Database Recruiting
  2. Local & National Recruiting
  3. Advance Workforce Strategy
  4. Advance Orientation & Training

Phase Two


  • Multi-Phased Workforce Deployment
  • Orientation & Training
  • Workforce Management
  • Performance Standards


  • Workforce Phase Out
  • Work-in-Progress Migration