The following case studies highlight successes with past and current clients who have used PMG’s premier contract labor solutions.

If you would like to learn more about PMG’s ability to provide highly trained workers from our national network of employees, feel free to contact us directly or request a presentation from our outstanding client solutions team.

The Success of PMG’s Top Employee Bench

HIGHLIGHTS: Increased Productivity with PMG Workers

An oil equipment supplier requested 12  machinists to help eliminate a nearly 12 month backlog of orders, and needed the workers with in two weeks of their request. Because PMG had a bench of highly skilled machinists available, we were able to deliver the people that this company needed. Our machinists made an immediate impact on their production and exceeded their expectations. The project that was expected to take about 9 months to complete, was accomplished in less than 3 months due in large part to our skilled machinists.


PMG Peak Season Solutions

HIGHLIGHTS: Rapid Worker Deployment to Meet Critical Deadlines

When new government EPA regulations were put in place, a locomotive manufacturer received an influx of locomotive orders with a deadline that seemed impossible to meet with their existing workforce. PMG provided the locomotive company with 55 skilled welders, electrical assemblers and painters with very short notice. This allowed the company to meet their production deadlines and secure an additional $50 million in orders that they would have otherwise lost to their competition.


The Benefits of PMG’s Employee Bench

HIGHLIGHTS: Short Training Time Required for PMG Workers

PMG master machinists were able to start working at an oil and gas product manufacturing facility in Louisiana and program and operate the machines assigned to them on day one!  A typical new-hire machinist for this company trains for 60 to 90 days in preparation for second shift to run machines alone.  However, most PMG machinists were running machines independently during the first week and subsequently moved to second shift.


PMG’s Technical Solutions

HIGHLIGHTS: Increased Productivity with PMG Workers with Transferable Skills

An locomotive company requested the services of PMG to provide 24 electronic assemblers with an extremely specific set of skills. Finding workers with this experience in the locomotive industry was very difficult. PMG’s Technical Solutions team was able to send out electrical assemblers with related skills in the aerospace industry. The critical ability to read blueprints and manage complex termination requirements for locomotives were simple and straightforward for the aerospace technicians. PMG’s electronic assemblers completed the 12 week project in less than four.


PMG Disaster Recovery

HIGHLIGHTS: Immediate Response and Accelerated Performance

An aluminum manufacturer sought the help of PMG at a production facility that was severely flooded. PMG workers tore down and replaced all electronics and related servo motors and hydraulic pumps in less than 30 days for the nine extrusion machines damaged by the flood. PMG industrial electricians and millwrights were so instrumental to the success of the disaster recovery, that production resumed several weeks sooner than expected.


Rapid Response and Ability to Deliver

HIGHLIGHTS: Deployment of Large Number of Highly Specialized Workers

An aerostructure manufacturer needed 120 highly skilled and specialized aviation assembly workers with only a week’s notice to assist in satisfying the client’s large order. As promised, PMG was able to deliver the full number of requested skilled workers on time. Impressed with the quality workers PMG provided, the manufacturer extended was supposed to be a 30 day project to seven months.

The Best Contract Labor Solutions Group in the Country

HIGHLIGHTS: Proven Ability to Deliver More Highly-Skilled Workers than Competitors

A tire manufacturer was initially using the services of a PMG competitor when they began their lockout. The company quickly noticed that their chosen vendor was experiencing trouble bringing in the right number of workers with the proper set of skills. When approached by the tire manufacturer, PMG not only delivered the requested number of workers with desired skills on schedule, but the workers that were deployed increased the amount of daily production by nearly 300 percent more than the original vendor.

PMG Manufacturing Solutions

HIGHLIGHTS: National Recruitment of Certified Workers

In 2013, A cellular tower service contractor came to PMG seeking cell tower climbers in an industry that is highly regulated and requires advanced worker certifications to perform the job. The experience and certifications required were very rare. Using our national database, PMG quickly delivered 31 cell tower climbers who were Comtrain, Anritsu, PIM, OSHA 10, First Aid CPR and RF-certified and had the ability and experience to perform 4G upgrades on towers up to 800-feet-tall.