Our success stories

Turn Backlogs into Revenue

maintenance tech fixing conveyor

Break Production Records

Due to a large backlog, PMG deployed 30 General Assemblers to a client who manufactures transmission components. Our Technicians were trained, certified and producing parts in 1.5 hours. Additionally, our Technicians broke their production record after just one week on the project, and consistently produced at higher levels than expected.

Boost Production Capabilities

A PMG client in the Aerospace Product & Parts Manufacturing industry was experiencing a major delay and backlog from their supplier, which was creating further backlog. PMG’s CNC Machinists helped boost production capabilities and achieve parts goal in eight weeks, helping our client save their accounts and take on additional business.

Address Production Gaps

Confront New Regulations

When new government EPA regulations were put in place, a locomotive manufacturer received an influx of orders with a deadline that seemed impossible to meet with their existing workforce. PMG deployed 25 skilled welders along with painters and electrical assemblers, allowing this client to meet their production deadlines and secure an additional $10M in orders that they would have otherwise lost to their competition.

Increase Number of Shifts

A large food manufacturer was starting a second shift due to increased demand and production requirements. PMG deployed highly skilled Machine Operators, Sanitation Technicians and Maintenance Technicians with food industry experience to start their second shift. Additionally,  PMG Technicians helped train fulltime. As a result of this partnership, this client was able to produce from day one and skill-up their own workforce.

machine operator in food production
CNC machine shop floor

Get Idle Machines Running

A client was facing a tight local labor market which left CNC machinery idle on their shop floor and a large backlog. PMG deployed three CNC Machinists for a 3-month project to help get their machines running and eliminate backlog. When our client found local fulltime employees, our technicians helped train those employees in prior to moving on to their next PMG project.

Meet Your Deadlines

industrial worker on the shop floor
forklift driver

Implement New Technology

A plastics manufacturer that caters to the food and packaging industry fell behind on their shipments due to implementing a new warehouse management system. We deployed over 60 PMG Forklift and Material Handlers to several of their facilities across the country to help meet their production goals. Our technicians came in, ramped up quickly and completed warehouse goals faster than our client expected. 

Do What You Do Best

A client won a major contract that required them to assemble and install 10 generators for a new 150,000 square foot data center. They had tight delivery deadlines to meet and if not met, would result in significant financial repercussions. PMG deployed seven of our highly skilled Maintenance Technicians and Assemblers and helped our client meet their deadlines. With the immediate impact made, we were able to phase out our technicians six weeks earlier than planned.

assembler soldering

Tackle Labor Shortages

We completed a 3-month project with a client in casted parts manufacturing. This client had recently lost three of their most tenured machinists and struggled to find local talent to backfill those positions. We deployed four of our machinists who were up-to-speed in under two weeks. At the end of the project, this client shared that our machinists matched their tenured, fulltime machinists with minimal training, had excellent throughput with minimal scrap, and helped them cut past-due hours by approximately 75%.

industrial workers by heavy machinery