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Employee Spotlight – Administrative Receptionist

PMG Employee Spotlight with Colleen B. Colleen is an Administrative Receptionist who joined PMG just over a year ago. About me I was born and raised in Minnesota (just like PMG!) and enjoy baking a lot. I also love to travel and watch truly binge-worthy TV shows. What are your main responsibilities as an Administrative […]

How It’s Made – Springs

Spring has sprung! The grass is green again, the birds are chirping and we’re looking around our homes and yards, deciding what project to tackle first. If you work up the energy to start a project, look around you. You’ll likely come in contact with another type of spring – those often little, sometimes big, […]

Food Production – What’s to Come

What changes will we see in the US food production industry? You can’t miss the current impact of COVID on US food production. We see them everywhere as we watch TV updates or wait for our package of bacon at the deli counter. But which of these impacts will American food production still feel the […]

National Photography Month

As the old adage states, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in honor of national photography month, we wanted to give photography a shout out.  In a world that has a constant stream of social external influences, I’d like to use this shout out as an opportunity to influence your individual creativity. Over […]

Toilet Paper – How It’s Made

How It’s Made Welcome to the first edition of PMG’s “How It’s Made”. In this article, and each to come, we’ll detail and summarize the manufacturing process of anything and everything. Starting off is the now highly-coveted, in demand, flying-off-the-shelves product we call Toilet Paper! With current demand considered, we should also remember we didn’t […]

Wellness Initiative

B13… I26… N37… G54… O71 For the month of April, we kept employees engaged and ‘together’ courtesy of a Wellness Initiative.  We played BINGO!  The goal was to challenge everyone to think outside the box and try something new during this crazy time in our life and then share it with the rest of us! […]

Machine Operator – Jennifer P.

Q&A with PMG Machine Operator Jennifer P. How long have you been working in manufacturing? I’ve been in manufacturing for 16 years now. I started off in fast food for a year or so and wound up in manufacturing and have loved it ever since. What drew you to the trade? It was wanting that […]

Road Salt Production

Slick Roads?  Don’t Get Salty! Spring in the Midwest brings a lot of challenges our way, and few more dangerous than icy roads and sidewalks.  Cue the music, and bring in the salt trucks! Road salt is the most commonly used substance to deice roads and help produce traction in icy conditions.  So where does […]

Earth Day

Celebrating 50 years of Earth Day Every April 22, we stop to give thanks to the Earth on Earth Day.  To thank her, (or him, it’s probably debatable) we ride a bicycle to work, we plant a garden, we walk through our neighborhood picking up trash, we blow kisses to the blue skies above, and […]

Crisis Management & PMG

Crisis Management in manufacturing is critical. Let PMG help you punch out your crisis! Crisis: “an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending. A situation that has reached a critical phase” (Thanks Merriam Webster)! We all know the world is experiencing a major crisis right now. I’m […]