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The History of: Manufacturing – The Lathe

The history of manufacturing is an interesting one. Although it’s often looked at through the lens of the four industrial revolutions, there is a lot more to it than that.  Even though each revolution is very different from the previous,  there are also commonalities. One of those commonalities includes a machine tool, called a lathe, […]

Lunchbox Hack

How to Pick the Best Lunch Box From tips to tricks to recipes, we want to make it easier for you to eat better and feel better at work. But we never talk about the lunch box itself. This month, we’re going to change that! Here’s everything you need to know about the lunch box, […]

FAQ – Difference between Flux Core & MIG Welding

FAQs for PMG PMG provides labor solutions to American manufacturers. That’s what we do in a nutshell and we take the “solution” part of that equation seriously. As a result, all of us here end up asking a lot of questions to make sure we find the right way to solve the real problem. Additionally, […]

First Day at a New Job

What Not to Do – Edition 1 First Day at a New Job There’s a lot of information available today about what we SHOULD do when searching for or starting a new job. Whether you’re looking for phone interview tips or you’re trying to spruce up your resume, we have answers for you. But most […]

National Dog Day – Pups at PMG

Many people don’t know it but pets put the P in PMG! We have so many technicians that travel to project assignments around the U.S. with pets that we even offer Pet Insurance as part of our benefits package. Pets put a lot of joy in life for many of us and we want to […]

The History of Manufacturing – Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0

Do you remember learning about the Industrial Revolution as a kid? You’ll likely remember being told there was one major industrial revolution, starting in the 18th century, and that it changed everything about manufacturing in America and Europe. Furthermore, it changed economies and societies forever. Which isn’t false. However, major changes have been happening ever […]

Lunchbox Hack – Breakfast Edition

If you follow our blog, you’ll know that we produce this Lunchbox Hack article on a monthly basis with the aim to share tips, tricks and recipes for eating well and feeling good, no matter what career you’ve chosen. Going back to our very first lunchbox hack, you’ll notice they are centered around lunch (well…of […]

Minnesota State Fair

The big Minnesota get together is almost here! Here are 10 things you should put on your state fair list this year. #1 Something on a stick There are 60 food options that come on a stick and it is essential you try at least one. The Buckeye is a great option, located at the […]

International Lefthanders Day

International Lefthanders Day – Friday, August 13th When I’m writing a piece for our blog, I often need to research to get a good understanding of the history behind the topic I’m writing about. For International Lefthanders Day (celebrated each year on August 13th), you get me and only me – no research required. The […]

PMG ReTool YouTube Channel

When it comes to industry-specific knowledge, there’s no replacement for experience. We all know that experience takes time to build. At PMG ReTool, we’re big believers that anyone preparing for a career in the trades can reduce their learning curve by exposing themselves to a wider cross section of professional influences, regardless of experience level. […]