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Presidents Who Helped the Working Class

US Presidents’ Support of Manufacturing The cornerstone to America’s strong economy has always been its labor force.  While most Presidents claim they will help out our workers, some actually made major steps in doing so.  In honor of President’s Day, here is a small list of US Presidents who helped the working class. William Taft […]

Love & Appreciation At Work

Why is showing appreciation at work important? Love and appreciation can be shown in simple and inexpensive ways in the workplace. Increase your company’s productivity, loyalty, and happiness by incorporating it into your everyday. At some point in our careers, it’s likely we’re either shown appreciation or received it in the workplace. Whether you’re the […]

Meet Larry!

Q&A with PMG Machine Operator Larry P. How long have you been working in manufacturing? I retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years in 2014. After retiring, I went into manufacturing because of the first job I fell into after the service. I decided to stick with it because I’m more of a hands-on […]

Recycling in Manufacturing

Keep Calm & Recycle; Manufacturing Is Recently, I brought a load of recycling goods to my local center and noticed a massive pileup of scrap metal.  I realized it was not material coming from a household, it was from a commercial/industrial drop.  That got me thinking – how are US companies dealing with their leftover […]

Lessons From Leadership

Lessons from PMG Leadership What do employees want from leadership? A quick Google search or a leisurely scroll through your LinkedIn feed can yield a bountiful harvest of lists (like this one from Forbes). However, if you read enough of them, you’ll find that what employees really want from their leaders is to learn. As […]

How to Avoid Layoffs

Layoffs can be inevitable. Here are three ways layoffs can hurt your company and three solutions to help eliminate them. What effects do layoffs have on your company? Investment Consider the time and costs associated with hiring and laying off employees.  Recruiting efforts, interviews, internal meetings, on-boarding, training.  Off-boarding, internal meetings, re-distributing work.  Add a […]

W-4 Form Changes

The Who, What, Why, Where, and How of the New W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Certificate) What has changed? Form W-4 is now titled as Employee’s Withholding Certificate for years 2020 onward. This new W-4 form has been simplified and is more straight forward for both employers and employees. Why did the W-4 form change? In 2017, […]

Meet Brian B!

Q&A with PMG Machinist Brian B. How long have you been working in manufacturing? Since 1994. I’m a machinist – it’s how I think and it’s in my blood. I like it because you can take a chunk of metal and make it into something. You get to be able to see the beginning, make […]

Fourth Quarter Charitable Results

While PMG chooses a charitable organization each quarter to donate either time or money to, the fourth quarter initiative felt extra special this year.  It could simply be that it is the holiday season and everyone seems a little more generous this time of year.  Maybe, as a mom, I can empathize with the struggle […]

What is PMG ReTool?

It’s on our business cards, webinars, email signatures, and blog bylines, but what is ReTool?  Simple question, we know, but the answer is anything but simple because ReTool is a lot of things. History of ReTool ReTool started in January 2017 with a question. PMG, like all those working in the manufacturing sector, was aware […]