“I didn’t grow up wanting to discover and learn everything about manufacturing, but I really do love knowing how things are made and the processes, people and skills it took to bring products to the local store or my front door.  I’m appreciative of my ability to work for a company that recognizes that passion and rewards me for it.”

Kim started with PMG as a temporary Technical Solutions Coordinator in 2010 when she was a stay at home mom looking to re-enter the workforce.  Kim excelled in her temporary role, and became a full time Technical Solutions Coordinator in 2011.  Kim’s passion for learning and understanding manufacturing processes and positions made her a leader in terms of results on the Technical Solutions Team, and led to a promotion to Lead TSC in 2014.  As Lead TSC, Kim played a critical role in establishing and administering PMG’s technical solutions process and best practices.  In 2015, Kim expanded her leadership skills further with a promotion to Technical Solutions Manager where she gained experience with directly managing and developing members of the Technical Solutions Team.  Throughout her tenure with PMG, Kim has established an incredibly high level of technical expertise.  This expertise coupled with her unique ability to educate others in terms that allow them to quickly and easily grasp manufacturing concepts and PMG’s fast growth in number of client’s requiring more client technical consultations, have led to Kim’s most recent promotion to Technical Manager and Coach in which she acts as PMG’s resident technical expert and educator.

“The path I have traveled with PMG over the years, both professionally and personally, amazes me. I started on a short-term project, yet, here I am, going on 7 years! I could not have found a better organization and family to work with! To be able to work 100% remotely is allowing me to move my family to Florida, and is a dream come true!  Management has always been very open to, and encouraging of my professional growth goals.”

Ted started with PMG in 2012 as a temporary Technical Solutions Coordinator supporting a large project.  PMG’s growth during that project led to the addition of a full-time Technical Solutions Coordinator role.  Ted was offered and accepted that role in 2013.  Ted had a natural talent for learning complex manufacturing positions and recruiting skilled manufacturing technicians.  That talent coupled with his driven work ethic led to a promotion to Lead Technical Solutions Coordinator in 2015.  As Lead Technical Solutions Coordinator, Ted had the opportunity to continue his work in recruiting, as well as to contribute to PMG’s technical solution’s best practices.  As lead TSC, PMG supported Ted in additional education to increase his expertise.  As a result, Ted successfully completed an Introductory Welding Course and earned his Certified Staffing Professional designation, which indicates achievement in learning legal and compliance best practices in the recruiting field.  In 2018 Ted piloted PMG’s remote option for Technical Solutions Coordinators, moving his role to be 100% from his home office to minimize his commute time, maximize his productivity and work better for his family.  As a result of this pilot, PMG is now able to offer fully remote opportunities for TSCs, utilizing the best talent for technical solutions openings, regardless of physical location.