Approach Negotiations with Confidence

Is your company facing labor contract negotiations? You need to be confident that your business needs will be covered in case of an impasse. PMG is the industry leader in planning, recruiting, retaining and deploying temporary labor dispute workforces for companies facing union contract negotiations. We promise to help your business achieve fair contract terms that will ensure the long-term success.

skilled technician during a labor dispute situation

How We Provide Temporary Workforces

  • Advanced Planning

    Assessment & Analysis
    Contingency Planning
    Communication Planning

  • Recruiting & Pre-Deployment

    Database Recruiting
    Local & National Recruiting
    Advance Workforce Strategy
    Advance Orientation & Training

  • Deployment

    Multi-phased Workforce Development
    Orientation & Training
    Workforce Management
    Performance Standards

  • Disbandment

    Workforce Phase Out
    Work-in-Progress Migration