Project Labor Solutions

PMG delivers highly skilled technicians to meet your production goals with minimal downtime. Our process is designed to build a network of highly skilled talent ready to fill manufacturing positions for your next project.

Colorful picture of a manufacturing facility with skilled technicians walking

How Our Process Works

  • Step 1

    Conduct initial meeting and strategically identify needs of your project

  • Step 2

    Review our roster and identify PMG technicians with the skills your project needs

  • Step 3

    PMG coordinates technician travel and lodging and manages technician payroll and administration functions

  • Step 4

    Deploy workforce. Project management team maintains weekly communication with your team to address issues and ensure maximum technician productivity

  • Step 5

    Complete post-project review with your team to assess performance and get feedback for improvement

Why PMG Technicians

Due to our national focus and deep technical understanding, PMG has the ability to find talent that most corporate HR departments and traditional job search avenues can’t find. Our loyal technicians stay on our bench, ready to deploy at a minute’s notice – you won’t find them in the open job market.

Our active roster contains technicians with a high level of skill and experience in various industrial and manufacturing positions. We are able to leverage this roster to identify and deploy a workforce with the skills your project needs.

Skilled technician using power tool to fasten a vessel

New Technician Selection Process

Our technicians are selected based on character and ability to execute. They’re taken through the following process to ensure they are the right fit for your project:

Character Assessment: Determine if they have the experience, personality, and character for highly skilled contract work.

Skill Set Interview: Qualify their skill set and determine if there is cross position adaptability.

Skill Set Assessment: Provide skill assessment to complete and determine if they can actually do the work.

References & Background Check: Confirm skill and work ethic with three professional references and complete formal background check.

Drug Screening: Complete formal drug screening.