PMG Tool & Die Technician

Tool & Die Technician – William G.

PMG Employee Profile


Journeyman Die Repair Technician with over 25 years of experience in the stamping trade. Bill has extensive experience maintaining and repairing transfer, progressive, line and draw dies, and is proficient with in-press troubleshooting and/or repairs back in the Tool Room. He is proficient setting up and operating all Tool Room equipment and was described by recent Supervisors and Coworkers as, “a good man-very knowledgeable and proficient with die repair work”.


  • Over 25 years of experience working as a Journeyman Die Repair Technician in a stamping environment
  •  Extremely proficient maintaining and repairing transfer, progressive, line & draw dies
  •  Ability to setup and operate all Manual Tool Room Equipment, including Bridgeport Mills, Engine Lathes, Manual HBM’s, Radial Drills, Drill Press, Surface Grinders, Wet Grinders, OD/ID Grinders, Oxy Torches, etc.
  •  Comfortable performing “press-calls”, including in-press troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairs, as possible
  •  Proficient reading and working from prints and drawings, including metric and standard
  •  Capable of working in fast-paced, high-production environment, as required
  •  Comfortable with all manual and/or electronic documentation processes
  •  Extensive experience working with precision measurement tools, including mics, calipers, edge-finders, etc.
  •  Largest Die: 12ft X 4ft Transfer Die (80 Tons)
  •  Open to any shift


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