Break Production Records

Due to a large backlog, PMG deployed 30 General Assemblers to a PMG client who manufactures transmission components. Our Technicians were trained, certified and producing parts in 1.5 hours, where it was taking our client 1 – 2 weeks to ramp up new direct hires. Additionally, our client shared that our Technicians broke their production record after just 1 week on the project, and consistently produced at higher levels than expected allowing them to fulfill their orders.

Address Production Gaps

PMG partners with defense and military manufacturers across the US. At one client facility, we deployed 200 of our AP Mechanics to increase production and push product out the door. Our technicians came in with the skills required to hit the ground running and help our client meet their production requirements. In fact, the Vice President of Operations for the location shared with us that our technicians “were more capable than he expected,” and “critical to the progress and success of their company.” Since that first project, we regularly partner with this client to deploy our PMG Technicians to address their production gaps.

Fill Employment Gaps

We deployed a Console Operator, on two separate occasions, to a large refinery to cover gaps caused by the exit of an existing fulltime employee. This gave our client more time to identify a new fulltime employee while keeping operations running.

Boost Production Capabilities

A PMG client in the Aerospace Product & Parts Manufacturing industry was experiencing a major delay and backlog from their supplier, which was creating further backlog. As a result, our client reached out and requested highly-skilled machinists to work within their supplier’s facility. Within 10 days, we delivered 4 highly skilled CNC machinists. PMG’s machinists helped boost production capabilities and achieve parts goal in 8 weeks, saving the account and allowing them to take on additional business.

Reduce Your Production Costs

A PMG client in the Custom Precision Metal Fabrication industry recently deployed a highly-skilled PMG CNC Machinist to their facility. While onsite, our machinist helped our client reduce machining time by 25%. This reduced production costs and time, and had an overall positive impact on their bottom line.

Successfully Move Your Facility

One of the largest OEMs in the Machinery Manufacturing industry was transferring production operations across state lines, from one facility to another. PMG deployed 15 highly skilled Millwrights and Machinists for the installation of machines, in addition to the setup and operation of machines for production operations. In doing so, this client was able to continue operations seamlessly, while also reaching production goals.

Face New Regulations

When new government EPA regulations were put in place, a locomotive manufacturer received an influx of orders with a deadline that seemed impossible to meet with their existing workforce. PMG deployed 25 skilled welders along with painters and electrical assemblers on very short notice, allowing this client to meet their production deadlines and secure an additional $10M in orders that they would have otherwise lost to their competition.

Ramp Up Your Production

A client of PMG’s in the Aerospace Product & Parts Manufacturing industry was faced with a $3M backlog. It was estimated that it would take 3-4 months to work through the backlog, but PMG’s machinists came in and ramped up very quickly, contributing to finish the work in just 7 weeks.

Increase Performance

A machinery manufacturer was experiencing not only a major backlog but also a tight local market. PMG deployed highly skilled Machinists, CMM Programmers and Maintenance Technicians to support their operations. In addition to successfully bridging this client’s production gap, they shared that the level of workmanship provided by PMG Technicians set the bar for performance in their shop and helped them achieve a culture change related to performance expectations that they’d been attempting to instill for years.

Increase Productivity

A worldwide agricultural manufacturer and supplier was struggling to find Press Brake Operators who could change tooling, pull programs, and make corrections for first part inspection. PMG deployed two highly-skilled Press Brake Operators who stepped right in and within a week were handling all of the set-ups and changeovers on their own. This was critical due to this client’s high mix-low volume product line of complex parts. Some days required 50 changeovers! Feedback from our client was that it would have taken several months to train a new hire to do this. Additional feedback from our client included, “PMG operators were some of the best we had seen and their steady production allowed us to focus on getting our own operators trained up and productive on the other presses.”

When Disaster Strikes

A PMG client in the metal manufacturing industry sought our help at a production facility that was severely flooded. In less than 30 days, PMG workers tore down and replaced all electronics, servo motors and hydraulic pumps for the nine extrusion machines damaged by the flood. PMG Industrial Electricians and Millwrights were instrumental in this successful disaster recovery that resulted in production being down for only 5 weeks.

Skill-up Your Workforce

We partnered with a large food manufacturer who was starting a second shift due to increased demand and production requirements. This client is located in a rural location where the market for skilled food manufacturing employees is limited. As a result, PMG deployed highly-skilled Machine Operators, Sanitation Technicians and Maintenance Technicians with food industry experience to start their second shift. Additionally, while onsite, PMG Technicians trained and mentored fulltime staff on an ongoing basis. As a result of this partnership, this client was able to produce from day one and skill-up their own workforce.

Get Idle Machines Running

A partner of PMG’s was facing a tight local labor market which left CNC machinery idle on their shop floor and a large backlog. PMG deployed three CNC Machinists for a 3-month project to help get their machines running and eliminate backlog, allowing them some time to find full time machinists. When they found full time employees, our Technicians helped train those employees in prior to moving on to their next project.

Integrate New Systems

One of PMG’s largest partners, a major Aircraft & Aerospace Electronic Equipment manufacturer, recently implemented a new SAP system within their facility. Our client experienced longer training times on the new system for their internal employees which resulted in a major order backlog. Three days after reaching out to PMG, PMG had already begun to rapidly deploy 26 of its skilled Electronic Assemblers, Solder Technicians and Inspectors allowing the client to get caught up on order fulfillment, and train full time employees on the new software.

Lower Programming Times

One of PMG’s partners was in dire need of a CNC Programmer for a new style of part they were unfamiliar with when they acquired a new product line. They contacted us for immediate support, and within a week, we deployed one of our highly-skilled programmers. Our CNC programmer stepped in day one and started running and programming complicated parts. In addition, he provided insight and knowledge to our client on how to set up the parts. Our client was so impressed with our technician’s programming skills, they had him train their full time programmers in Mastercam. Additionally, our technician provided our client multiple tips and techniques that resulted in programming times being lowered by 20-30 minutes. If that wasn’t enough, he also made recommendations to existing programs to reduce cycle times. For example, a part that took up to 3 hours to run, now only takes 1 hour.

Meet Your Dealines

A large manufacturer of Engine, Filtration, and Power Generation products won a major contract that required them to assemble and install 10 generators for a new 150,000 square foot data center. They had tight delivery deadlines to meet and if not met, would result in significant financial repercussions. To meet their deadlines, PMG deployed 7 of our highly-skilled Maintenance Technicians and Assemblers. Our technicians came in at such high levels of productivity our customer met their deadlines and were able to phase our employees out 6 weeks earlier than planned.

Address Your Skills-Gap

We completed a 3-month project with a client in Casted Parts Manufacturing. This client was facing a skills gap when they lost three of their most tenured machinists. Additionally, they were struggling to find local Machinists to backfill those positions. We deployed 4 of our highly-skilled Machinists who were up-to-speed in under two weeks, when it typically takes their full-time hires 6 – 8 weeks. At the end of the project, this client shared that our Machinists matched their tenured, full-time machinists with minimal training, had excellent throughput with minimal scrap, and helped them cut past-due hours by approximately 75%.

Increase Monthly Output

We deployed 50 Assemblers and Inspectors to an Aircraft Parts Manufacturer who had a multi-billion dollar backlog. Our Technicians arrived with the skills and experience necessary to hit the ground running, allowing our client to increase monthly output by 10% and make faster than expected progress working down their backlog.

Fulfill Priority Orders

The VP of Operations at a large Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer reached out to PMG with an urgent need for 38 Technicians to support an influx of orders from their largest customer. Within 3 weeks’ time, PMG Technicians were fully ramped up and running an additional line for this client, working 24/7 to meet their critical order deadline. Without PMG’s help, our client would not have fulfilled their order and would have lost significant revenue, along with customer satisfaction.

Meet Your Dealines

A very large plastics manufacturer that caters to the food and packaging industry fell behind on their shipments due to implementing a new warehouse management system. We deployed over 60 PMG Forklift and Material Handlers to several of their facilities across the country to help meet their production goals. Our technicians came in, ramped up quickly and completed warehouse goals faster than our client expected. Our technicians were flexible and moved to various locations as needed, even if traveling to another state was required. During our partnership, this client continued to see spikes in demand, requiring more technicians to deploy. To date, we’ve deployed over 200 Technicians to 15 of their sites across the U.S.

Tackle Unexpected Orders

A major, though small, machine manufacturer has just 10 employees on their production floor and complete a lot of project-based work. When they get a large or unexpected order that they can’t handle with their fulltime workforce, they use our Machine Builders to help. Budget is a big consideration for them, but they have found that our Machine Builders are highly productive, and the value of being able to deliver and retain their customers as a result, far outweighs the cost.

Beat Demand Challenges

A large manufacturer in the Health & Personal Hygiene industry was closing a manufacturing facility in one state to move it to another state across the country. Once they announced the closure, they began to see attrition of fulltime employees. When COVID hit, this client experienced increased demand for hand sanitizer and personal hygiene products that their new facility wasn’t equipped to produce, and realized their closing facility would be critical to fulfillment. We deployed 70 of our skilled Machine Operators and Process Technicians, allowing them to quickly adjust plans for the closing facility, increase production at that site and meet increased demand.

Decrease Overtime Surges

PMG partnered with a company located in a remote area who was facing a backlog given increases in demand. They were struggling to meet production goals without massive amounts of overtime. Their backlog grew to be so large, they needed 25 of our skilled Material Handlers and Machine Operators in for 30 days to get caught up. Within just 16 days, our technicians helped this client burn down their backlog to a point where they were able to bring their fulltime workforce back down to 8-hour shifts, something they had not been able to do in almost five years.

Succeed With ReTool Techs

One of our Foundry & Machined Components clients had an unexpected influx in orders and needed skilled Welders to meet demand. They also had a set budget, and needed fast delivery. As a result, we worked with them to build a custom solution, deploying 2 of our highly-skilled Welders along with 2 of our Retool Welders to deliver the skill sets they needed within their budget. This client shared that our Retool Welders were performing at the same level as their fulltime, experienced Welders after just one week at their facility.