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About PMG – Company Background & Opportunities

Join us to learn more about PMG and the job opportunities we offer technicians looking to make good money, gain more experience and get paid to travel. First, we’ll highlight case studies of PMG projects to give you a better understanding of the work we do. Next, we’ll explore what it’s like to be a PMG technician and the benefits our techs receive. Lastly, we’ll provide resume and interview tips to help prepare you for the hiring process.
Not interested in new job opportunities? Not a problem.
This webinar will be filled with key takeaways for individuals currently working or looking to work in the manufacturing industry. Be sure to stay for the presentation’s final topic, What’s Next in Manufacturing.
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How to tailor your resume for a career in manufacturing

What key points will make your resume shine when applying for that dream job in manufacturing?
In this webinar, we focus in on several areas including formatting, relevant details, references and more. We hope you walk away with ideas for your resume and a better understanding of how you can set yourself up for success.

Soft Skills: What are they and how do they impact the modern workforce?

Having a strong technical skill set is important for any career in manufacturing. However, soft skills are just as important and continue to be an area manufacturers look for in their new hires.
Join us as we explore what soft skills are and how they impact today’s workforce. First, we’ll highlight what soft skills manufacturing companies are looking for in their workforce and why these skills are important. Then, we’ll cover how to make sure these skills stand out on your resume and in your interview.

Healthy Habits While Working in Manufacturing

Whether working down the road or working on the road, manufacturing jobs will sometimes require 10+ hour days. How can you incorporate some healthy habits while working in manufacturing?
Check out this webinar as we highlight several healthy habits you should incorporate into your day-to-day. Struggling to do that now? We’ll also share some tools to help get you started.


Communicating in a Manufacturing Team

Why does communication matter? What are some ways that prevent communication from being effective, especially when working in manufacturing? How can you improve your communication moving forward?

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Understanding your compensation package

What does your compensation package mean to you AND your wallet?
Join us as we outline various types of employee payment including monetary compensation, non-monetary compensation, cost offset and perks. We hope this will give you a better idea of what employee packages can offer.


Why is networking important and how do you become an expert?
Join us as we discuss what networking is and what are its benefits. We’ll also highlight how networking works in technical trades and some steps you can take to start networking today.

Soft Skills: What soft skills are important for manufacturing, why and how to improve them?

Join us as we explore what soft skills are important for manufacturing, why and how to improve them as you continue to grow in your career.

What is manufacturing and how does the sector break down?

Since the 1900s, America has seen the manufacturing sector transform into something our forefathers couldn’t even have imagined. Join us for an informative session about manufacturing and its top industries.
In this session, we’ll define what manufacturing is and highlight how it has evolved into what it looks like today. Next, we’ll explore some of the top manufacturing industries, identify each by the type of industry it is and how each reacts to other industries in the sector. Finally, we’ll wrap up the session by outlining some of the common standards and certifications required for some of manufacturing’s top industries to meet regulations

Road Warrior – What it’s like to be a traveling technician 

In this session, we’ll examine what a traveling PMG Technician is, why our technicians do what they do, and how they manage their schedules. Join us for a 20-30 minute presentation to get a glimpse at what the life of a road warrior is like.

Key Manufacturing Positions at a Glance: Machining, Maintenance & Welding

Join us to learn more about three of manufacturing’s key occupational fields – machining, maintenance and welding. In this session, we’ll provide a general idea of what individuals working in each field do; the main technical skills an individual needs to be successful; and additional technical skills that individuals could acquire in order to progress in their manufacturing careers.

Manufacturing in the future: the changes yet to come

In this session, we explore what future changes are expected as manufacturing continues to evolve. We’ll highlight key areas of change including IoT, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, additive manufacturing and more.

Myths & Misconceptions in Manufacturing

When you hear the word manufacturing, what do you think of? What comes to mind when you consider working in manufacturing?
It’s no secret that manufacturing has an image problem that is preventing younger generations from not only pursuing, but even just considering a career in manufacturing. In this session, we will explore some common myths and misconceptions in manufacturing including working environment, wage rates, career advancement, job physicality and more.

How to best prepare for a career in manufacturing

Whether you’re in a technical program today, considering entrance into a technical program tomorrow or looking to improve in a position you already hold, this webinar will provide tips on how to best prepare for a career in manufacturing.
Join us on March 8 at 1pm, CST to learn how you can give yourself the best opportunity to stand out from the competition when trying to enter into or advance within your manufacturing career.

Mapping Manufacturing: What does the process look like?

Do you ever look at your cell phone, vehicle, television, or refrigerator contents and wonder how it’s made?
Join us on April 12 as we map out what the manufacturing process looks like and the critical steps involved. We’ll highlight where key manufacturing positions such as machinists, welders, assemblers and more fit in the process and how they contribute to the end product.

Must Haves for Every Technician’s Toolbox

Every technician has a toolbox, but what do you NEED to have in it?
While there’s no “right” answer, we’ll highlight various types of tools that PMG’s most successful technicians always have in their toolboxes.

Politics – How they affect manufacturing companies and their employees

Join us to learn how politics affect companies working in manufacturing, and related industries, and their employees. This webinar explores several topics including:

  • How does election season affect manufacturing and its employees?
  • How do trade wars and tariffs affect manufacturing and its employees?
  • How do laws and regulations affect manufacturing and its employees?