Master Techs – skilled trades. Numerous years of experience with multiple clients across many industries.

Manufacturing Techs – semi-skilled operators with multiple years of experience across many industries

ReTool Techs – technical school or military graduates with degrees and/or relevant skills based education.

Client Side: Most projects are 2 to 6 months in length. Although we do not hold you contractually to a minimum or maximum project length, we do ask that you consider your true need and determine the length of time that will add the most value to your project.

Technician Side: Our projects generally last between 2 and 6 months. We ask for a minimum commitment, which can be extended, if the opportunity is available. Or technicians can choose to move on to the next project.

In the event you need technicians longer than their minimum commitment, PMG offers onsite technicians the opportunity to extend their commitment on that project. If any technicians do not wish to extend their commitment, PMG will work to fill the opening with an equally qualified technician.
In the event that a PMG Technician is unable or not qualified to perform his/her assigned job duties, he/she will be released from the project and a more suitable PMG Technician will be assigned as a replacement. Our technicians typically only need a 1-2 week ramp-up time with adequate orientation. Additionally, we do request that our clients maintain consistent communication with our Project Manager to ensure that all parties are aware of any concerns.
Mileage in, at the start of the project, and mileage out, at the end of project, are paid to the technician.
We request that you provide an honest evaluation of the hours you will require our technicians to work for which we will prepare our technicians. At a minimum, we require 50 hours but should you foresee a need for more, please let us know. Additionally, PMG Technicians can volunteer for any additional hours above your already scheduled hours.  

Yes, our technicians will work off-shifts. We do require that you determine the shift ahead of project start and maintain a consistent shift throughout the project.

PMG has a dedicated and seasoned bench of technicians with multiple years of  tenure with PMG. Alongside this crew, we are consistently hiring new talent to join our team.
No, our technicians cannot be hired on fulltime by clients. Our technicians prefer to move from project to project.
PMG carries premium national workers’ compensation coverage that covers our technicians while onsite, at our clients’ facilities.
The safety of our technicians is a high priority to us. We want ensure our clients adhere to industry standard safety regulations.
We typically don’t utilize corporate lodging arrangements because of the longer-term nature of such reservations and the challenges our Technicians face in sharing living space with someone they don’t know very well for long periods of time.
ReTool is a division at PMG that partners with technical and community colleges and military reintegration organizations to provide opportunities and education to entry-level skilled and semi-skilled talent.

ReTool candidates come from technical and military programs that our ReTool Team has vetted and established multi-year relationships. Every candidate goes through our extensive, traditional screening process. In addition, ReTool Candidates’ educational and/or military backgrounds are assessed to ensure their skills and character are appropriate for PMG Technician positions.

All PMG Technicians must provide three professional references and pass a character assessment in order to join the team. Additional assessments are administered based on skillset.
We have skill-based assessments as well as character-based assessments. For example, we have a proprietary G&M Code assessment that we require our Machinists to pass.
In the event that you need a PMG Technician to regularly perform tasks outside of their job description, please connect with your PMG Project Manager to further discuss.
Depending on the type of work and job duties, it generally takes only 1-2 weeks for a PMG Technician to get up to speed, as long as the appropriate orientation or training is provided.
Every project is assigned a PMG Project Manager. Depending on the project need, the PMG Project Manage might be remote or onsite.
A PMG CNC Operator is someone who can load, unload, operate and inspect. A PMG CNC Machinist is someone who can setup, operate, and performs offsets and adjustments.
Our goal is to provide every client with the exact skillset they need to be successful. In the event that we are unable to provide direct experience in your industry or products, we offer you the best alternative skillset that our team of technical experts determine are qualified to work in your facility.

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