Your partner in addressing talent shortages, testing influxes and gaps in operations.


Is your organization facing a shortage of skilled talent at your healthcare facility? PMG’s workforce solutions can help provide your clinic, hospital and medical laboratory with professionals including Medical Laboratory Technicians, Facilities Maintenance Technicians and Biomedical Technicians when you need them most.


PMG helps healthcare organizations address workforce shortages by rapidly deploying our highly-skilled technicians. We provide organizations targeted, customized labor solutions to meet internal challenges and priority deadlines. Our experienced technicians make an immediate impact in your facilities and improve your bottom line.


Due to our national focus and deep technical understanding, PMG has the ability to find talent that most corporate HR departments and traditional job search avenues can’t find. When not on assignment, our dedicated technicians stay on our bench ready for their next assignment – you won’t find them in the open job market.

Our active roster contains technicians with a high level of skill and experience in technical positions at healthcare facilities. We are able to leverage this roster to identify and deploy a workforce with the skills your organization needs.


Tackle Labor Shortages

A Healthcare and Medical Group was experiencing a labor shortage in their local market. PMG deployed Facilities Maintenance Technicians to help keep their operations running while they continued to search for local talent. Feedback from the client said they were impressed by the skillset we deployed and that we were able to meet their physical, vaccination and onboarding requirements.


Fully proficient in the installation, calibration, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of hospital equipment.

Environmental Services Technicians skilled in sanitation, cleaning and custodial tasks and procedures.

Technicians experienced in performing the installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of facilities equipment.

Certified MLT’s experienced in hospital, clinic and/or private laboratory environments.