Addressing the Skills Gap in America

Our mission at PMG ReTool is to address the growing skills gap in America. We partner with post-secondary training institutions and military reintegration programs to build our bench of ReTool Technicians. These individuals have completed a technical, post-secondary program and/or are transitioning out of the military, are mechanically inclined and are motivated to prove themselves as the next generation of technicians.

Post-Secondary Outreach

We partner with post-secondary training institutions nationwide and help educate students, faculty and alumni on industry trends, resume and interview tips and employment opportunities at PMG.


Our team appreciates the skills Veterans acquire in the military and understand how they translate into civilian life. We’re committed to helping transitioning service members navigate the opportunities they have after the military.

Entry-Level Opportunities

Do you lack professional experience? At PMG ReTool, we recognize the value gained from technical and/or military training and offer entry-level positions to get you working in the industry you’re trained to work in.


Manufacturing today is different than our fathers’ factories. We address myths and misconceptions in our monthly webinars and presentations by sharing what’s going on in manufacturing today and what experts expect for tomorrow.

Connect With PMG ReTool

Recent Graduates

ReTool Technicians

Did you recently graduate? Our ReTool Department provides entry-level talent the chance to get manufacturing experience and develop your craft. Apply with ReTool today!


Skilled Trades

Are you a Veteran or Transitioning Service Member? Our team appreciates the skills you gained in the military and understands how they translate into civilian life. Connect with us!

Virtual Employer Presentations

For College Programs & Military TAP Programs


    • Be on time
    • Be the person who picks up the broom
    • What you should put in your resume
    • How to stand out during an interview
    • What a professional reference is
    • Tips on how to advance in your career

PMG ReTool has several years of experience virtually presenting to technical college programs and military TAP programs across the nation.

Our goal is to increase awareness about what we do, the job opportunities we have, and the growing demand for technical skills in manufacturing. We also want to position ourselves as a resource for students and transitioning service members who have questions about the industry.

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