Wellness initiative 8

Wellness Initiative

B13… I26… N37… G54… O71

For the month of April, we kept employees engaged and ‘together’ courtesy of a Wellness Initiative.  We played BINGO!  The goal was to challenge everyone to think outside the box and try something new during this crazy time in our life and then share it with the rest of us!

Since all of our corporate employees are working remotely from home, we asked them to take a picture of themselves in their home office, to finish a home project, to virtually tour a national park, to build a fort, to call a family member they hadn’t talked to in a while, to play a board game, to watch something that made them laugh, to have a dance party, and to lift weights with anything they happened to have around the house.  Below are just some of the great pictures we got.

Interested in adding a BINGO Wellness Initiative at your company?

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