Why Use Labor Solutions?

Current estimates say that American companies employ over 17 million temporary employees across all industries. At PMG, we get asked daily why companies choose our labor solutions to address their needs in lieu of more traditional direct-hire models. Here are some of the most common answers we’ve found:

Workforce Flexibility

Many industries see a seasonal fluctuation in their business model and labor solutions provide the ability to address fluctuations with less stress for both the company and workforce. This flexibility allows them to adjust more quickly and productively to changes in their order or production cycles.

“My clients choose us for project-based work, avoiding the reputation in their area as being the company that hires then fires after their busy season.”

– Jessica, PMG Client Solutions Manager

Short-term Replacements

Whether it is family leave, vacation, sabbaticals, or unexpected medical situations, life still happens in business. PMG’s model helps companies deal productively with the unexpected. Sometimes that may simply mean slower than wanted ramp up times. We can help with that too.

“Our company started utilizing PMG’s services to be a placeholder for our current skilled trade positions while we recruited. Although we’ve made direct hires, we would still use PMG’s technicians.”

– PMG Client

Cost Effective

Overtime costs add up, both in impact to the bottom line and to employee burnout. Many companies see reduced management and HR costs. The less time your employees spend hiring, firing, and training people, the more time they can spend on producing.

“My clients choose us because they can save significantly on direct employee overtime, while avoiding burnout and allowing their internal resources to focus on their primary job duties.”

– Justin, PMG Client Solutions Manager

Skills Gaps

The more remotely located the business, the more difficult the path is to growth. Temporary solutions give companies an easier way to walk that path and allow businesses to not be limited to their local talent pools.

“We have leveraged skilled resources from PMG to bridge gaps in production due to the lack of qualified resources in our region and to meet spikes in production.”

– PMG Client

Labor Crisis

If a company is facing a labor dispute situation, a natural disaster, or a major facility issue, temporary solutions are often the only solutions. Whether your goal is maintaining production, temporarily relocating work sites, or disaster clean up, PMG provides the contingency planning and technicians to help any manufacturer avert worst case scenarios, survive crisis, and thrive in future business.


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